✨ Sales 20% discount on all duvets 

✨ Sales 20% discount on all duvets 

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Why an ecological duvet?

relleno edredón ecológico

Why an ecological duvet?

Committed to the environment and aware of the importance of using sustainable materials, at Scalff® we work with natural fibers to reach the final product: an ecological duvet. A more conscious way of producing and consuming, helping the planet and, as well as, your rest.

We do not use synthetic materials, but we produce our sustainable comforters thanks to organic cotton, lyocell, hemp and merino wool, respecting the production rhythm of the planet and the animals. What’s more, our duvets bring comfort and well-being to your bed.

What are the differences between a synthetic duvet and a natural duvet?

Although they may be cheaper, synthetic duvets do not offer the same level of comfort that a natural and sustainable comforter like ours does.

Is there the perfect duvet?

Thanks to the production of our duvets made from 100% natural materials, we avoid the use of chemical products that damage farmland and our planet. Scalff® duvets are environmentally sustainable, but are they warm? Yes, thanks to the natural fibers and their quality design, Scalff® duvets help you stay warm, dry and comfortable during cold nights, thanks to their high heat and the capacity to absorb moisture. The natural filling provides the perfect body thermoregulation for a better rest.

Premium duvets

We solve your doubts

One of the main characteristics that a winter comforter must have is that it must be moisture insulating, to prevent the entry of cold and keep warmth. It is not the same filling for the month of April than one for the month of December.

Pixie – Size: 220×240 cm – Duvet filling: 100% high quality merino wool
Elvira – Size: 220×240 cm – Duvet filling: 100% premium wool
Blossom – Sizes: 220×240 cm – Duvet filling: 40% Hemp 60% Lyocell
Rosette – Size: 220×240 cm – Duvet filling: 60% Premium Wool, 40% Lyocell
Emma – Size: 150x200cm – Duvet fill: 60% Premium Wool, 40% Lyocell

The cover of our duvets is 100% organic cotton, a fiber that is cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, so it favors the conservation of biodiversity.

Lyocell comforter is another alternative to natural comforters made from animal-based materials. Made from wood fiber, it is an environmentally friendly material that can be preserved up to 3 times longer than a regular synthetic comforter.

It is another ecological material we work with. It is one of the most durable, resistant and soft fibers, fast growing and does not need a lot of water for its development.

Merino wool is one of the key materials for the filling of our comforters. Merino wool fibers are soft and fine, characterized by curls that retain air inside, which makes them an excellent thermal insulator.