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What impact can comfort have on rest?

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A good rest is synonymous with quality of life. Do you know how you can improve comfort during your sleep? There are many elements that influence comfort when we rest. The place where we sleep, the temperature, the light that enters through the window, the clothes you use to sleep, the materials of the duvet, the duvet cover, among others.

In this technical article we are going to delve into the aspects that can influence your rest and what characteristics determine the comfort of a natural duvet.

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What is rest comfort?

Comfort is a complex phenomenon resulting from the interaction of textile products with the human body while we rest. Comfort, in this case, is a subjective sensation, which depends largely on the user’s perception.

What can influence rest?

Rest is influenced by aspects of the environment, that is, the bedroom, such as temperature and humidity, but also light or noise pollution. 

Another group that can affect our rest are the more specific aspects of the bed in english, known as the Bedding System. From the mattress to the sheets, pillow and duvet or even the pajamas. All these pieces that are part of the Bedding System range from ergonomic functions to features that have an impact on thermo-physiological comfort.

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Types of comfort in bedding products

Within the concept of comfort in textile products, aspects such as:

Thermophysiological comfort

Thermophysiological comfort is the ability of textile materials to balance moisture and heat between the body and the environment; that is, the way the tissues buffer and dissipate metabolic heat and moisture. The main determining aspects are insulation and thermal conductivity, moisture management (breathability) and permeability. This aspect is related to the sensations of cold, heat and humidity.

Sensory comfort

Sensory comfort is determined from the mechanical sensation caused by a textile product in direct contact with the skin. Smoothness, roughness, or stiffness are sensory perceptions.


Ergonomic comfort

Ergonomic is related to adaptation to the user’s body, as well as freedom of movement.

Psychological comfort

Finally, psychological comfort, which depends on trends and fashions, personal preferences and ideologies, among others, is one of the most subjective and important aspects.

Characteristics that determine the comfort of Scalff ecological duvets

As you have seen, there are many variables that can affect the quality of our sleep. However, sensory and thermophysiological comfort can be regulated by choosing the quality of bedding products, such as the duvet, duvet cover and pajamas.

The natural fibers of the Scalff ecological duvets have good breathability. This property is the ability of a textile material to absorb and release moisture or water vapor through itself. It is quantified by measuring the resistance to water vapor (Ret) that the materials present and the lower this value, the more breathable the material is considered.

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This property is also related to the water vapor permeability of the material. Textile products must present a certain degree of permeability to water vapor to avoid saturation of the environment and facilitate the evaporation of sweat.

Finally, we can look at the insulation and thermal conductivity. It is the ability of a textile material to maintain body temperature; that is, the resistance to heat transfer between two bodies at different temperatures. This property is measured by the Thermal Resistance (Rct) the higher this value, the more thermally insulating the material is considered.

Scalff duvets are designed with balanced properties of permeability and insulation. Depending on the season of the year, there are duvets that retain more or less heat. The merino wool duvets for a colder seasons and duvets filled with hemp and lyocell for autumn.

If you have any questions you can contact our Scalff team, we will be happy to help you. You may also be interested in tips to improve sleep quality.