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Tips to improve your sleep quality

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There are many factors that influence the quality of sleep. Sometimes we forget how important it is to sleep and rest properly. Getting a good night’s sleep can help us improve our quality of life, get a restful sleep and wake up the next day with energy and vitality.

Many people who find it difficult to sleep or have difficulty getting a good night’s rest. Going to bed with excessive screens, worries, eating too much at night, among other conditions. To improve you can follow our tips, small changes in your routine that will help you reduce your fatigue and rest better.

Take care of your morning and night routine

Morning and night routines are essential to get the body used to certain schedules and function more naturally. Try to organise your time before going to sleep, create a routine that involves relaxing a few hours before going to bed. Think about a morning routine, without rushing and with enough time to get up, have breakfast, organise your day or do some activity that you like.

It is advisable to sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day, as well as always getting up and going to bed at the same time. Each person has their times, adapt the hours of sleep according to what your body needs. Do not stay in bed too long awake, negative thoughts may appear, activate yourself and get out of bed slowly.

Lighting and noise

The conditions of our environment can influence the quality of sleep. Lighting is one of them, the hormone melatonin that induces sleep and a state of drowsiness occurs, is more easily produced if there is not much light in the room. Turn off the lights when you go to bed, keep the room dark and create a pleasant warm space.

Noises can also affect our sleep. Try to sleep in a space free from noise. If you live in the city or near a busy space, try to insulate your bedroom well.

Lighting and noise sleep quality

Sleep quality and healthy eating

What do you eat for dinner? What time do you have dinner? It is recommended to have dinner at least one hour before going to sleep. Also take care of your diet with light dinners so that digestion is easier and the stomach is not working during the night. Cook simple dishes, avoiding fatty foods, fried foods and stews. Do not consume sweets or exciting drinks before bed.

Improve your sleep with physical exercise

Physical activity is a good tip to help us rest at night and improve our quality of life. Moving, even walking half an hour a day, produces great benefits. Tiredness can help you sleep better, faster and get a deep sleep.

In addition, promoting better sleep has great benefits such as preventing illness, improving mood, increasing energy, improving fitness and endurance, and strengthening the immune system. The generation of endorphins, the happiness hormone, also reduces stress, improves self-esteem, decreases aggression and reduces anxiety, among other mental benefits.

Appropriate use of technology

The last tip is about regulating the use of technology. It has been proven that watching at the screen of a mobile phone screen, computer or television before going to sleep can negatively alter our sleep. The images and movement on the screen excite the brain, making it harder for us to enter a state of relaxation. For this reason, we recommend you to leave the screens at least one hour before going to sleep. An effective way is to keep electronic devices out of your bedroom.

Start little by little progressively to apply these changes in your daily routines. Build a healthy lifestyle and get quality sleep.

Also consider choosing natural and ecological bedding products to take care of your rest and your skin, such as an ecological duvet, duvet filling with natural fibers, sheets and a comfortable bed.