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Tips for choosing duvet and duvet filling according to the season

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What filling fibers to choose for an autumn duvet? Are there duvets for all seasons? There are duvets and thicker duvets prepared for the colder season.

In this article we show you the types of duvets that you can find according to the season of the year and what fibers you should look at to identify their degree of temperature.

Premium duvet for winter

How to choose a duvet and the duvet filling according to the season?

When it comes to choosing the most suitable duvet cover for you, the perfect duvet will largely depend on several factors.

  • Physiological: according to your body and organism. Do you tend to be cold or do you sweat at night?
  • Climate and room temperature: the temperature inside the room where you sleep must also be taken into account when choosing the duvet. In winter, what degree do you have the heating on? Think about those details to assess the duvet you need.
  • Personal preferences: the tastes of each person also affect the purchase decision. Do you like to feel wrapped and warm or do you prefer to feel the weight of the duvet?

Once you have defined what preferences you have and what the temperature of your room is, you can easily decide on the perfect duvet according to the season of the year.

Grammage and natural fibers

There are very different models of duvets, but what should you look for to identify if it is winter, autumn or spring? The weight and fibers of the duvet filling are a good indicator that marks the material used and its ability to provide heat.

The weight of a light duvet is between 100 and 200 g/m² and for a warmer duvet you can find it for about 200 and 350 g/m².

The key to the choice and a factor that determines the quality of a quality duvet is the fibers of the filling. You can find natural fillings made of wool, merino wool, lyocel, tencel and hemp.

Do not forget that the material of the duvet cover is also important, since it is the external part that touches directly with the skin. It is recommended that it be made of organic cotton or a natural fiber that is pleasant to the touch.

Grammage and natural fibers, duvet filling

Premium duvets for winter

If you are looking for a warm and pleasant duvet for the colder season, choose a duvet with a high grammage and with the fibers of the duvet filling made of merino wool or ecological wool.

Wool duvets are perfect for winter nights. They adapt to your body temperature and keep you warm without accumulating moisture inside the bed. It is also one of the best natural fibers to provide warmth and take care of your health. It is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial fiber.

Fall Premium Duvets

Eco-friendly duvets often use softer natural fibers such as lyocel and hemp material. These fibers, increasingly used in bedding, are high-quality plant-based materials.

A lyocel duvet is synonymous with comfort and breathability, with excellent temperature regulation at night.

Fall Premium Duvets, duvets filling

Duvet cover for all seasons

Are you looking for a duvet to use throughout the year? The 4 season duvets are characterized by the fact that you can use them throughout the year. In this case we are not looking for a very warm duvet or a very light one. You also have the option of putting two duvets together in the same duvet cover.

Remember that the most important thing is that the duvet provides you with quality sleep and optimal comfort at night. At Scalff we design premium duvets that maintain a pleasant sensation and temperature to provide a restful sleep.

If you have any questions you can contact our Scalff team, we will be happy to help you.