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✨ Sales 20% discount on all duvets 

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Eco-friendly duvets

Differences between natural and synthetic duvet filling

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If you are looking for a new duvet cover and you do not know which is the best filling for you, we will give you some tips that will help to make the best decision. There is a battle between natural and synthetic duvet filling, knowing what their differences and properties will help you choose the best duvet for your needs.

You must consider the types of filling materials, you can find duvets made of fibers, down or natural fibers such as wool, hemp and lyocell. But what differences are there between all of them? Each duvet offers different sensations and comforts, let’s start by buying each of them!

Synthetic or fiber duvet filling

Fibers duvets or also known as synthetic duvets are the cheapest duvets on the market. There are multiple types of fibers that make up the padding, such as polyester or silicone.

An important feature is that they are heavier than other duvets and have less breathability and insulation. Their advantage is that they are easy to wash in the machine and do not require extensive maintenance. Synthetic duvets may be a cheaper option, but they are among the most polluting and harmful to the environment.

By buying synthetic duvets you are promoting the throwaway industry, when its useful liftime is over it can take many years to decompose and generate unnecessary microplastics.


Down duvets filling

Down duvet fillings are considered to be natural duvets, made from the feathers of birds, usually gander, goose or duck. They are very light and warm.

The down comforter’s filling is made up of feathers from most of the animal’s body. Down fibers, on the other hand, are the most appreciated material, as they come from the animal’s chest, neck and belly, the fur under the feathers is also used, which are very fine capillaries capable of retaining temperature. It is a light material and a good insulator of moisture.

However, even if it is a duvet made from natural fibers, it is important to be aware that behind these products there is animal abuse. These animals are plucked alive and it has generated a great debate due to the suffering they have during the extraction of the feathers. It causes wounds and tears in the skin, and they can also live through this procedure several times before dying.

About 7 birds are needed for a feather coat, can you imagine how many animals have to be subjected to suffering to produce an entire duvet?

Natural fiber duvet filling

The main advantage of natural fiber duvets is that they are light, soft and offer incomparable comfort. The most commonly used sustainable filling materials are wool, lyocell or hemp.

The natural quilt has a thermoregulation that balances the body temperature that we need at all times. These are healthy materials for the skin and that cause fewer allergies. However, it is important to take it to the dry cleaner for proper maintenance. Get a natural and restful rest.

If you hesitate between natural and synthetic duvet filling, our recommendation is to choose an ecological duvet, it is less polluting, more respectful with the environment and one of the highest quality duvets on the market. In addition, no chemicals are used in its production!

If you have any questions you can contact our Scalff team, we will be happy to help you.