✨ Sales 20% discount on all duvets 

✨ Sales 20% discount on all duvets 

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Tips for choosing duvet and duvet filling according to the season

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What filling fibers to choose for an autumn duvet? Are there duvets for all seasons? There are duvets and thicker duvets prepared for the colder season. In this article we show you the types of duvets that you can find according to the season of the year and what fibers you should look at to […]

How to choose the best duvet size?

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When choosing a duvet, a series of criteria must be taken into account both for the aesthetics of your bed and to achieve a good quality of sleep. In this article we give you tips on how you can choose your sustainable duvet according to your needs. The right size of bedding materials can bring […]

Benefits of the ecological wool duvet. Why you should choose merino wool?

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It sounds like you have heard merino wool fiber, but do you know what differences there are with other fillings? When you want to choose the best duvet for your bed, it is normal not to know which filling will best suit your needs. There is a sea of ​​options, from synthetic fillers to eco […]

How to maintain my ecological duvet?

When the winter and autumn season ends, it is convenient to take care of your duvet so that it maintains its optimal comfort and is perfectly clean for its next use. We tell you all the tips so you know how to properly maintain your ecological duvet and take care of it throughout the year. […]

What should I consider when choosing an eco-friendly duvet?

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Are you looking for a duvet cover to renew your wardrobe consciously? There is a wide variety of eco-friendly duvet on the market and there is a wide variety sizes, materials, weights, textures… Don’t get saturated! From Scalff we tell you everything you need to take into account to choose the right duvet according to […]