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✨ Sales 20% discount on all duvets 

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Benefits of the ecological wool duvet. Why you should choose merino wool?

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It sounds like you have heard merino wool fiber, but do you know what differences there are with other fillings? When you want to choose the best duvet for your bed, it is normal not to know which filling will best suit your needs.

There is a sea of ​​options, from synthetic fillers to eco fibers from organic cotton, hemp or lyocell. Don’t worry about that, in this article, we show you the importance of choosing duvets made from sustainable materials, and why the ecological merino wool filling is one of the best purchases for your sustainable home.

What is merino wool?

Merino wool is a high quality natural material used in premium textile products. This fiber comes from the Merino sheep breed and is considered one of the best wools in the world thanks to its quality and versatility.

Why is merino wool the best filling for a duvet?

The ecological merino wool duvet has unique, natural properties and benefits for the quality of your rest. It stands out for its optimal properties for cold seasons, since it is capable of maintaining and regulating body temperature. This fiber contains natural antibacterial properties and does not produce a bad smell in the fabric. 

In addition, it is a hygroscopic material, it has the ability to absorb and release moisture as air conditions change. Merino wool fibers absorb large amounts of moisture vapor and then move away to evaporate into the air. This prevents you from sweating at night and can keep your skin dry and comfortable. For this reason, natural wool will always be drier than a synthetic fiber.

Merino wool is associated with garments and warm duvets due to its high breathability and thermal contribution.

As you can see, the advantages of the ecological duvet with 100% merino wool filling are countless. Comfortable, warm, soft, natural and perfect for winter.

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What is the difference between merino wool and normal wool?

Merino fibers are softer and finer than regular sheep’s wool. As a general rule, thicker and less flexible fibers cause itchy skin. Unlike other wools, merino is very soft to the touch and does not cause any irritation. In addition, it is a premium and higher quality material.

Sustainable material that cares for the environment

The ecological impact of the products we buy cannot be ignored. You have the power to choose sustainable brands to take care of the planet. The purchase of a duvet cover must also take into account this ecological criterion.

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We advise you to choose duvets with natural filling, its composition is biodegradable and once its life is over it is not harmful to the environment. In this way you are contributing to promote a production that respects the environment. Improve your consumption habits and generate a positive impact on nature.

We hope that all the information about merino fiber has helped you to choose your next premium duvet.

If you have any questions about the fibers or how to choose your premium duvet, you can contact our Scalff through our chat or email hello@scalff.com, we will be happy to help you.